I am a dreamer who lives free, mama to my wild boy Cash and my whimsy love River. I love God, family & gourmet coffee, not it that order (juuuuust kidding)! I have over 10 years experience as a professional photographer. I have worked in the wedding industries of Santa Barbara, Hawaii and San Diego. I am a goofball at heart, my favorite movie since 4th grade has been Ace Ventura Pet Detective ;) Being a wanderer at heart I adore travel and have worked as a photographer in locations ranging from Brazil to Finland. Another fun fact is I come from a family of musicians and I have written and recorded music since the age of 21. I even named my first born son after Johnny Cash!

I am passionate about living the life that you dream of.


I get a high from being creative. I can't believe that I get to do this as a career. To me its an expression of my heart, not a job. I love creating images that evoke a mood and capture an emotion, showing others my unique perspective. Since my babies are my everything, I especially love to capture family. From the wedding to the birth of the first child to family portraits that will pass through the generations.